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Stories of Flowers Coloring Book (Physical)

Stories of Flowers Coloring Book (Physical)

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Available in physical or digital format. THIS LISTING IS FOR THE PHYSICAL COPY. Digital copy available in another listing.

The Stories of Flowers is done in a softcover matte, perfect bound. There are 60 pages printed on 80LB paper. The 80LB paper is a thicker paper that will ensure durability for all of your coloring! Each image was hand-drawn by myself using micron pen and Prismacolor.

Physical Copy Features:
Perfect Bound 8.5" x 11" Softcover
80LB Paper
Gold Foil Embellished Cover
60 Pages (30 Full Illustrations + 30 Spot Illustrations)

A coloring book inspired by my life, my children, and my closest memories. From my imagination to yours, each page is a mythically inspired story to be added to, by you! Life is a journey, and so is this book - it was an exploration into not just my artwork but myself. For me, it symbolizes letting go and reconnecting with the boundless imagination of my childhood. My hope is that I can bring my artwork to you all on a more personal level in the form of this coloring book.

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